Holiday Decor: gold fever

by katy f

I’ve got The Fever.  The Spray Painting Plastic Animals (And Anything Else I Can Find) Gold fever.  If I had to pinpoint the source of contagion, it was either Young House Love, The Sweetest Occasion, or Martha Stewart, who I usually blame for all my frenzied crafting “episodes.”

It all started picked up some Krylon Gold Metallic spray paint and some unsuspecting deer figurines from the craft store and went to town.

Awesome, they’re gold and shiny.  Now what do I do with them?  Build them a little terrarium to live in, naturally.

I used a large glass container I had, fake snow, and some fake trees which I sprayed with adhesive and covered in gold (duh) glitter, to set the scene.

Since then, I’ve given some plastic horses, mini vases which currently store some succulents, and a couple votives the gold treatment.  Next up are some empty wine bottles I plan to spray matte gold and repurpose as candle holders.

(PS. I totally gave The Fever to my mom, who has gone absolutely buck wild and I expect to head home for Christmas to a completely tacky gold spray painted house.)