Holiday Decor: simple DIYs

by katy f

Coming on Christmas Eve-Eve, this post might be a little late for those of you looking for holiday inspiration – but here we go anyway!…

When it came to decorating for the holidays, I knew I wanted to find a couple of touches to make the apartment feel festive, but not overdone.  In addition to my adventures with animals and gold spray paint, I came up with a few more ideas.

1. Garland

At the party, this area served as our bar.Our tree is unfortunately fake this year, but I needed some fresh greens to amp up the Christmas ambience (and smell!).  I bought 15′ of garland from a local vendor and went to town on all of our mantles and shelves.

2. Wine bottle candle holders

I spray painted empty wine bottles either metallic gold and matte black, then stuck white or gold glittery tapers in the top (tip: sometimes the candles are bigger than the hole, but if you melt the bottom of the candle a bit you have more flexiblity.  Jam it in!)

3. Ornamental mantle

Our tree is super tiny and already decked out in ornaments, but when I saw these gold metallic and gold glittered ornaments I knew they had a place in my home.  I used black & white bakers twine to mount them at different heights from our shelf above the couch, then tied some thicker black and white striped ribbon on the top of the ornaments for a final touch.

4. Succulents

So succulents aren’t exactly a locally thriving plant in NYC in December, but I have grown to really love them.  I ordered 6 little babies from Succulents Galore on etsy, then repotted them in black and gold pots.  The gold ones were originally yellow and on clearance, but you know there’s nothing a little gold spray paint can’t fix.

What about you?  Any great, simple DIY touches that you added to elevate the holidays at your place?