Holiday Party: the menu

by katy f

When it came time to plan the menu, I tried to keep things simple.  Easy recipes that I could handle myself (many with only a couple ingredients!) and prepare ahead of time, so I wasn’t scrambling in the kitchen while my guests got to have all the fun. I’ve got a couple vegetarian friends so I made an extra effort to include some treats for them, too.


Crockpot cocktail Meatballs, or “Ultimate Party Meatballs”

Beau Monde bread dip in a 7 grain bread bowl.  (The best.  My boyfriend’s mom was nice enough to give me her recipe, as it’s basically my favorite thing ever.)

Pecan, brown sugar & Kahlua baked brie

Garlic hummus with veggies, pepperoni & cheddar cheese

Anitpasto mini skewers made with marinated mozzarella, olives and cherry tomatoes

Antipasto platter courtesy of my good friend Sarah


Rolo pretzels (set out mini pretzels on a baking sheet, cover with unwrapped Rolos, bake at 200 degrees for 4-5 minutes or until the Rolo becomes soft.  Top with another pretzel and refrigerate until hardened.  Serve at room temperature.)

White chocolate covered marshmallows with crushed candy cane

Funfetti cookies, topped with vanilla icing and rainbow nonpareils.  (Birthday cookies!)


Spiced cranberry prosecco punch


Red wine

Water & Seltzer (which remarkably went untouched the whole night.  Good to know we’re a big group of booze hounds.)